Does my line of work make me undesirable??

So….in the middle of working today (I am the CEO of a cleaning company with my husband-btw) I happen to look up in the mirror….only to ask myself am I still desirable to the man I married? or will I be if we decide that this journey is still worth treading down the line….

In theory this is typically a woman’s job- but to average the African American- this is for the Latino, Spanish, maybe even Caucasians….but definitely NOT BLACK!

I wonder if the reason for our recent distance is my line of work. I take everything I do seriously-cleaning is no different. Here I am…with a medi-boot on from a twisted ankle and yet I still manage to go to my client’s house to clean. I can’t be the prissy, “omg I broke a nail!” kinda girl……

Or…maybe my line of work is changing me….maybe rolling up my sleeve and cleaning toilets and suffering from blisters every now and then has left me feeling so tough and in control that it leaves me to be undesirable at times…..

I do know this….I am ready to give this business over to my husband completely. I want to go to work. I want my peace again. I want to feel wanted….I don’t feel that lately. I love compliments, I love to be dined (not necessarily with food) but parks, hand holding, massages….it seems like these things are rarely dished out anymore…..

I guess I better polish up the resume, get me an office job…show off some legs and step in some pumps…LOL…..maybe then he’ll realize that I’m still a woman……………..


4 thoughts on “Does my line of work make me undesirable??

  1. I can see where you’re coming from, but it’s still sinking into me that women actually see these things. It’s odd that I don’t think most men recognize those things consciously and the ones who do recognize it consciously from my experience tend to be shallow men. Only reason I say I truly can understand is because of a book I was introduced to called “The Beauty Myth” by I forget her name…. uh… Naomi Wolff I think it is.

    • Hmmmm…I’m an avid reader so I will check that out! and you are right. I don’t think men really look into it that deeply. Let my husband tell it he loves me to death! But sometimes I feel like he slacks more than when we first met or even before we started working together….thanks for bring the reality of the situation to the forefront….which is most important here….that he is here and he loves me the same today as yesterday!

  2. To be honest. A man doesn’t really worry too much about the job a woman has. It’s how she carrys herself. One of the things I find that people refuses to do in a relationship. Is converse.
    See, if you don’t talk things out, you can not expect them to fix themselves. Most men are blind to the needs of a women as some women are blind to the needs of a man. (We may seems simple,but we have emotions and worry about what a women thinks of us. Even if some pretend not too care.)
    It’s not by choice, it just happens. The best thing to do is too sit down and talk about things. Not argue, because then no one is listening and it’s a waste of energy.
    Talk to one another and find ways to spice things up. After all this is your spouse,not a stranger. Remember beauty is how you carry yourself. Try to get home early and surprise him with candles and wear a little number to get him going. This is not to say he is off the hook, when you talk, tell him what you found special about him in the first place and how you miss it. Gotta do it in a way he doesn’t feel pressured.
    See with men, you have to guide them a little so they think its their idea. Lol
    Also, think about making a date night. Where you shut out the world and enjoy one another.
    Just my 2 cents 🙂

    • Los! You are absolutely right! While I am venting about my own emotions I never thought to consider him wanting to feel like a MAN and me do just what you said. It was the ‘little things’ that brought us to marriage and believe me I was always on top of my game!! Thank you for bringing me out of my selfish little box 🙂 you guys should be on every woman’s speed-dial! LOL

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