Christian singers…..celebrity pulpit

Christian singers.....celebrity pulpit

Speaking of Shackles off my feet….what in the world happened to America’s leading ladies in Christ Mary Mary?? To be completely honest I knew something was wrong when I used to be a club goer and The

God In Me echoed through the booming systems into the drunken hearts of the crowd….I believe (being a Christian at heart) I was one of the 2 or 3 people that sobered up quickly, fixed my attire, and eased into a corner to explain to my sober mind how I ended up in this worldly massacre myself.

Does anyone else see rage in the fact that they are now in the eyes of American Idols** – which according to God is not pleasing in His eyesight?? The once beautiful spirit and humble tone that poured from these women were once something I praised. Something I loved and admired from these black women.

What took the cake is when they performed at~ I guess an awards show (I don’t watch TV so excuse me if I get the actual premiere misstated) nonetheless, they perform with LL Cool J who comes out and asks if he can take the crowd to “church”….I mean really?

I don’t know about anyone else but it bothers me even when rappers play with God’s name in songs…it’s called mockery and I don’t think people truly understand that God isn’t just some homeboy you can go around joking with.

Anyway, I would love to know others opinions on Christian singers in a celebrity pulpit……


2 thoughts on “Christian singers…..celebrity pulpit

  1. From your post I’m not sure exactly what doesn’t sit right with you about them anymore.

    Is it that the “beautiful spirit and humble tone that poured from” them is no longer there? or is it simply them being celebrities?

    As far as LL Cool J, from what I’ve heard and read he is very much a believer in God, and has changed his life considerably from before. Not that he was as bad as most rappers now or even 10 years ago.

    And of course I don’t mean to say that LL Cool J is a good Christian man, but he believes and as far as Mary Mary I’ve never been a fan but people I know who follow them haven’t mentioned any changes in their character or their music.

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts Cobalt….I posted this same discussion on a Christian website and received various opinions on the topic. Mary Mary for instance…not only dabbles in secular music and artists, the lyrics to the God In Me craze is idolizing swag, gucci, and the car they drive….God doesn’t thrive on material things or fact that will get you a direct ticket to hell if you ask me. I do agree to disagree with those that don’t view their straddling the fence…thanks for the insight on LL…I haven’t read up on him lately but I do know during his performance he was wearing an upside down cross and using the same hand signs as the Illuminati as well

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