Meet Defyne

A native of Torrance, CA. Erica Mobley (Author Defyne) is a driven and determined young woman destined for greatness. This extraordinary wife and mother is a thriving poet and the accomplished author of her autobiography “Growing Pains”, which confronts the reality of having to overcome many obstacles in the face of adversity and without minimal emotional support. Mrs. Mobley, aside from operating her residential and commercial cleaning business, has eagerly accepted the challenging yet rewarding title of sitting on the Board of Directors with Bold Evolution, Inc. Her passion and commitment to giving our young girls the emotional and physical support that she lacked as an adolescent growing up in the streets of Washington, DC is phenomenal. Through her personal testimony, she provides an introspective look at what it means to be an African-American woman living in the world today. Erica prides herself in developing our young girls to boldly evolve into women of honor and integrity, and to be proud of who they are and fully value their self worth. As she embarks on her second novel Mistress of The Metaphysical: A Poet’s Diary she grabs the audience’s attention as she races to live out her divine purpose. In her spare time she can be found performing and/or listening to live jazz or spending time with her family.

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