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Take the shackles off my feet so I can dance!!!!

Okay, so in light of the media crazed Adidas “shackle” shoe (which is a bit hilarious to me) …I’ve heard some pretty funny debates…..my favorite is that black people wear “cotton” t-shirts LMBO!!!

I don’t believe it was insensitive at all…..I believe that it was a slaves of fashion kinda concept if you ask me!

They are ridiculously ridiculous to me just for the fact that they are……ridiculous…but hell so are skinny jeans on men…which has snatched and raped the black communities senseless and nobody is complaining about that foolishness……

Don’t get me wrong I am a proud African-American woman…but my race is a damn embarrassment at times…like seriously…y’all want to protest a damn sneaker when there is soooooo many other political and social warfares that we could be protesting about!!!

For instance, why in the hell haven’t anyone protested Love & Hip Hop or any other movies, tv shows, clothing lines that portray us to be ignorant, loud, boisterous, and rude! Why not protest red, orange and green weave?

C’mon y’all…..this argument is null and void in my book….I have always been a huge fan of Adidas and I will continue to support their product!


bad b*tch vs beautiful woman debate

bad b*tch vs beautiful woman debate

Here we are again with another one of my “I just don’t get it” rants.

I can remember a time when a working, brilliant, confident, humble woman would earn the stares and compliments of any man in a room. When the most beautiful attribute of a woman was humility and silence……back when I was about 5 or 6 yrs old, I would sit and watch my mom. How everything was “for grown-ups” so I was forced to go into another room for what seemed like every dang-on thing! When red was…”street walker clothes”…makeup was unheard of….and speaking to your children was never above a whisper….because they knew what the “look” meant…especially the front row in church when you’re talking during the preaching (lol) Mom’s led by example….and to mix children with grown-up situations was not even an option….

I remember when men held doors, pulled out chairs, held you at the base of the lower back to shelter you from imagined possible harm. I remember when men wanted to take their time in getting to know you…because it was just as important to get to know what you were about just as well as you getting to know him….when he had to be sure you were “the one” before he took you home to meet his momma.

Where has time gone? When did g-strings getting lost in botoxed booty become a new symbol of sexy? Why is a size 6 the “perfect” size. Why does a compliment consist of physical or material interest?….As I research different cultures and history it somehow intensifies my anger. How do you control a humbled heart when ignorance is at every corner, on every reality tv show (which is why I stopped watching 3 years ago)….

Can we reverse what “man” has turned into the ultimate humiliation of one’s race? Is it that we ALL have to feel accepted by which has been subliminally etched into our brains through media,news,tv,radio,etc…..

I’ve known men to father children by the very woman they now consider less attractive…the very woman that has the marks and scars of childbirth. The most unselfish, sacred, gift known to mankind….the gift of life…..as God gave to us all.

Since when did stripper poles and dildos signify an award to remarkable beauty….when attached to a nice cup size, a perfect booty, and can’t forget the 6inch heels……

I cry…for the sake of my daughters who will (in the next couple of years) will be someone’s eye-candy-not because she want to-but because she is naturally beautiful and naive to the dangers of this world……I cry for my only son who already has this perception of a fat ass and perfect breasts being the basis of his bad b*tch argument (based on that which he has been accustomed to)…Although, I live to be a model of what a beautiful woman is and should be…..society has and continues to push those few of us ‘sane’ people left into a corner of non-existence.

I hope this reaches the next person….be it grandfather, father, son, brother, etc…..to rethink what you would consider beautiful …beautiful in the light in which God intended His daughters to be…….respect those women that don’t necessarily demand respect. Make a difference by changing your views. Changing your thoughts will ultimately change your life…..changing your life will begin a paradigm affect in the lives of others…….

That which you put into the universe will always find its way home…sitting on your own doorstep…..

Much love,