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Christian singers…..celebrity pulpit

Christian singers.....celebrity pulpit

Speaking of Shackles off my feet….what in the world happened to America’s leading ladies in Christ Mary Mary?? To be completely honest I knew something was wrong when I used to be a club goer and The

God In Me echoed through the booming systems into the drunken hearts of the crowd….I believe (being a Christian at heart) I was one of the 2 or 3 people that sobered up quickly, fixed my attire, and eased into a corner to explain to my sober mind how I ended up in this worldly massacre myself.

Does anyone else see rage in the fact that they are now in the eyes of American Idols** – which according to God is not pleasing in His eyesight?? The once beautiful spirit and humble tone that poured from these women were once something I praised. Something I loved and admired from these black women.

What took the cake is when they performed at~ I guess an awards show (I don’t watch TV so excuse me if I get the actual premiere misstated) nonetheless, they perform with LL Cool J who comes out and asks if he can take the crowd to “church”….I mean really?

I don’t know about anyone else but it bothers me even when rappers play with God’s name in songs…it’s called mockery and I don’t think people truly understand that God isn’t just some homeboy you can go around joking with.

Anyway, I would love to know others opinions on Christian singers in a celebrity pulpit……


Spiritual Growth….easier said than done……


Spiritual growth is not easy (in the beginning) a lot of sleepless nights, cold sweats and migraines. A lot of confronting your past mistakes and current flaws. Stripping your ego down to completely expose yourself and all your sinful ways. It is a journey (especially when the world around you is not ready – so they laugh, judge, ridicule you for choosing to grow beyond them….without them) Either your circle is very small or you are forced to feel alone. It’s not about religion…it’s not about church….for these things attached to your renewed spirit can make you greater……but they are NOTHING if your spirit is not in-tact……I was once told that faith without works is dead….but I also learned that activity is not always productivity……so I ask right back…..what is a bunch of works (in the church) without the spirit of Christ in everything you do? These are not rhetorical questions….I hope someone feels like speaking today :)….I’m trying to give you something to think about! What is giving thanks and praises when you can’t manage to sacrifice to do His will? That is like saying Thank you!….and then spitting on the person you just thanked…….(with a smile)….People will go out here and work,work,work,work,work…gotta pay these bills, gotta feed these kids, gotta get this outfit for my next event…..what about your eternal seat in heaven? My husband and I started a business that has made our living very, very comfortable in a short period of time…..but what is all of that working for….to pay a bill….to pay a car note?…meanwhile…the kids are getting older, we don’t even know their favorite colors, or shoes size….I mean sure we take them out for fun and dinner and shopping….but what does that do for them when they were given to us to enjoy our temporary assignment here on earth….and  when we don’t know when any of us will be called home (so there are no emotional memories left behind with those who matters most……… What are we sacrificing for our final reward…our eternal reward…and what really matters?…….time for a different strategy to live……..

From a cockroach to a king…. my husband’s idea of humor lol & smh

From a cockroach to a king....(lol) my husband helped with this one!

Cockroach facts

:-0 Cockroaches, are the most common insect pests infesting homes

:~) Cockroaches prefer to live where there is food, warmth and

*_* Unlike many household pests, cockroaches are prevalent
year-round, causing homeowners and businesses to eventually
seek some form of control.

😦 Cockroaches are replusive and objectionable to most people simply
by their presence

Now you may be thinking…what in the hell?!?! but yes, you are absolutely correct! I would be talking about my husband.

Many days we sit and reminiscence over the past and were we’ve come from…..so tonight as I am thinking of a clever blog to share my random thoughts he asks if I would talk about him…..going from a cockroach to a king…..we shared a hilarious laughter before my lightbulb went off……

As I think back over the stories of my husband’s past he was absolutely that of a cockroach…..he was a leech, a woman user, a pesky creature who would pass time eating, sleeping, and drinking until he wore out his welcome at many homes in different states.

It’s quite embarrassing for him, but we laugh at the trials he had to face before he would understand what God had in store for him—so we vow to remember these times…..

Anywhoo, so I met my husband in June (I believe) of 2009 at a club where I hosted parties. He and I instantly became friends but there was one issue….my new friend always wanted to hang out! He was very considerate, had a great personality, but his outer shell needed help! He never had any money and he was living from home to home and state to state…..after a short-lived romance/friendship he left from D.C. and moved to Florida….

when things didn’t work out so well we started to communicate more and more until he decided to give DC another shot. As he made his plans we were excited about the possibility of hooking up again but didn’t think it would go any further…..needless to say he moved here and I could see his games from a mile away….I was straight up this time because I had no intentions of playing games with him. He was sharing dinner with my children and staying over night at my house….don’t get me wrong…if I didn’t see any potential in his heart there is no way I would have subjected myself to his world of foolishness!

My husband constantly tells me that I am the only woman that has ever required him to be a man. The only woman that was not afraid to request what I was and was not going to tolerate from him (or any other man to be considered permanent in my life). He decided then that this challenge was worth all that I had been asking.

My husband went from a leech to a lover. He opens doors, he cooks, he cleans (that has always been his passion so I can’t take credit for that one!), he massages feet, runs baths, attends school functions, helps the girls with homework, he respects authority, he has confronted his life-long hurt and demons……

He is a proud father, husband, provider and friend. He is my business partner in owning our own cleaning business. He is my king. Molded by the hands of the Most High…..he is my king!

King: a male sovereign or monarch; a man who holds by life tenure