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Who stole the potty line??

Who stole the potty line??

Does anyone remember back in the day when there was a single file line to the restroom in school…..today’s brain rant brings me to discuss the issue of today’s lazy teachers in our school system.

On three separate occasions I’ve found my daughter to be accosted by a child in a disrespectful manner while she was paired up for a trip to the bathroom *in case of an emergency* – now my first question is this “How can two babies depend on each other in the case of an emergency?” and second “What happened to the potty line?” We had 3 set timed opportunities to used the restroom/lavatory/bathroom when I was in elementary school….and if you didn’t catch one of those times then your mom had better packed you an extra pair of clothes and panties……

I think today’s teachers are getting very lazy in keeping an eye on our children. They are placing our children in situations that are unsafe and unhealthy. Not to mention, leaving them with open opportunity to get into mischief…..it sickens me….a janitor or anyone can slip into your child’s bathroom stall and wait for the one naive kid to come in and get taken advantage of…..not too mention that this has happened but nothing is being done about it!!!

I think I will draft this post into a letter and write our director of education…….