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Christian singers…..celebrity pulpit

Christian singers.....celebrity pulpit

Speaking of Shackles off my feet….what in the world happened to America’s leading ladies in Christ Mary Mary?? To be completely honest I knew something was wrong when I used to be a club goer and The

God In Me echoed through the booming systems into the drunken hearts of the crowd….I believe (being a Christian at heart) I was one of the 2 or 3 people that sobered up quickly, fixed my attire, and eased into a corner to explain to my sober mind how I ended up in this worldly massacre myself.

Does anyone else see rage in the fact that they are now in the eyes of American Idols** – which according to God is not pleasing in His eyesight?? The once beautiful spirit and humble tone that poured from these women were once something I praised. Something I loved and admired from these black women.

What took the cake is when they performed at~ I guess an awards show (I don’t watch TV so excuse me if I get the actual premiere misstated) nonetheless, they perform with LL Cool J who comes out and asks if he can take the crowd to “church”….I mean really?

I don’t know about anyone else but it bothers me even when rappers play with God’s name in songs…it’s called mockery and I don’t think people truly understand that God isn’t just some homeboy you can go around joking with.

Anyway, I would love to know others opinions on Christian singers in a celebrity pulpit……


My success anthem!

Keys to success by Erica Hunt-Mobley aka Defyne


I wrote this for an artist who asked be to bless his album with my words. I didn’t really know at the time that I would be living by the words that spilled from my soul. At a time in my life where I was afraid to move forward right at the point of success, I allowed my fear to keep me from advancing to the place where God set aside my very own purpose!

Every time I listen to my words I get chills. I am motivated by my own work! I hope that my words can touch the lives of others on the brink of success but is fearful to step out on faith!

Much love,