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Christian singers…..celebrity pulpit

Christian singers.....celebrity pulpit

Speaking of Shackles off my feet….what in the world happened to America’s leading ladies in Christ Mary Mary?? To be completely honest I knew something was wrong when I used to be a club goer and The

God In Me echoed through the booming systems into the drunken hearts of the crowd….I believe (being a Christian at heart) I was one of the 2 or 3 people that sobered up quickly, fixed my attire, and eased into a corner to explain to my sober mind how I ended up in this worldly massacre myself.

Does anyone else see rage in the fact that they are now in the eyes of American Idols** – which according to God is not pleasing in His eyesight?? The once beautiful spirit and humble tone that poured from these women were once something I praised. Something I loved and admired from these black women.

What took the cake is when they performed at~ I guess an awards show (I don’t watch TV so excuse me if I get the actual premiere misstated) nonetheless, they perform with LL Cool J who comes out and asks if he can take the crowd to “church”….I mean really?

I don’t know about anyone else but it bothers me even when rappers play with God’s name in songs…it’s called mockery and I don’t think people truly understand that God isn’t just some homeboy you can go around joking with.

Anyway, I would love to know others opinions on Christian singers in a celebrity pulpit……


Women and self-esteem

As I sit with my husband and vibe to old-school R&B….we wonder where the ‘love’ has gone. Not the ordinary “I love you” kinda love….but the “I love me!” love. Love that doesn’t settle for anything that comes along. We go out daily (we work together as well) and we see so many women that have lost their way. Women of today are miserable and it shows. They hide behind 14 inches of hair (that God did not intend for them to have) eyelashes that window-washes their forehead in a thunderstorm and toddler size clothes.

It’s a sad sight that this is what is raising our future Queens. Our women have placed a brass stripper pole where our thrones used to be. Turned our crowns into red, blue, and orange weaves. When will they be honest with themselves and look into the mirror- pull of the mask of lies- and confront the reality first hand.

Media has made a mockery of our BBW (beautiful big-boned women) making them feel unworthy of finding love and happiness within themselves. They have found comfort in the arms of other women – acting in a man’s capacity- filling a selfish void.

When did our women fall short of the glory of God and His teachings? When did women allow society to tell them how they should look, feel, and act to be accepted?

I love who I am. I love my size. I love my personality. I love my beautiful sisters. I hope they can find true love within themselves….for no person can find true love and happiness until they first love themselves…….Much love ~Defyne~